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Thermoshrinkable PVC capsules
Herti-M Ltd. - Thermoshrinkable PVC wine capsules
Thermoshrinkable PVC wine capsules

Materials for PVC shrink capsules:

  • Capsule skirt: Thermoshrinkable PVC foil with thickness 75µm (± 10%)
  • Capsule top disc: aluminium foil with thickness 40µm (± 4%)


  • Diameter: from 25 to 44 mm
  • Height: from 35 to 80 mm
  • Gradient: 1, 2 or 3º depending on the bottles neck

Note: The height of the capsule has to be at least 5 mm bigger than the diameter.


  • Standard: transparent, white, silver, gold, bordo, blue, green, black.  
  • Special: any colour from the PANTONE scale

Skirt of the PVC Capsule

  • Hot print: 1 colour – up to 35 mm height
  • Rotogravure print: up to 2 colors
  • Flexo print: up to 3 colors
  • hologram

Capsule Top Disc

  • Hot print: 1 colour
  • Flexo print: up to 3 colors
  • Relief

Additional elements:

  • Horizontal or vertical perforation
  • Horizontal or vertical tear off band


  • The ready wine capsules are placed in cardboard boxes with size 600x400x340 mm
  • The quantity in one package is from 5000 up to 10 000 capsules depending on their size

Note: The PVC capsules are produced for hand or automatic placement on the bottle.

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